Friday, August 15, 2008

Day Zero

Besides this, and a phonics lesson with Aidan, we mainly did this:

Kieron made the cookies

Paddy liked them

Then Aidan and Paddy had to make their own "peanut butter cookies" (they like rolling them into little balls, and pressing them with the fork.

In the evening, we went to Mass for the Feast of the Assumption. What we did was drive to the high school to pick up the last bit of Sean's football practice, then drove to the church early and sat around on the swings having quite a nice family conversation. Sean was starving -- I hadn't brought much for him to snack on because I thought it would be too late for him to eat and still receive communion. In fact, he did have time, but had to settle for water and half a granola bar.

So this ended the first week of Sean's school. And I am calling this Day Zero, because we did get a homeschool start.... sort of... and Monday we'll start properly.

The cookies are a tradition. Maybe we'll make some more, on Monday.

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  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Those look delicious!