Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of School

Today we officially started up the academic year again. In spite of the "official" term, though, it was a very lowkey start.

I started the day by making cookies. Yes, I did manage to get up by about 7 am, which gave me a headstart.

I gave Aidan a reading lesson -- he didn't want to stop and kept "reading" for about 20 minutes thereafter.

I gave a spelling test to Sean and Kieron -- something they generally enjoy since we don't do it very often. Sean got 8.0 grade level and Kieron, 5.8. Then they both did Greek independently using Hey Andrew (continuing from last year).

Then I looked at the Algebra book with Sean, while Kieron started working on his volcano, from the Science Kit #6; he had already set up the makings on the table and wanted to get to it as fast as possible.

We worked on the volcano.... constructing a cone and putting on a layer of, well, flour paste -- we forgot the mashed paper part of papier mache. This is why my kids are doing hands-on projects in spite of me, not because of me.

Sean went off to read Harry Potter and ice his leg, while I started Paddy on 100EZ lessons. He was fine with it though in a hurry! and then wanted to write some letters. He wrote an S and a P freehand, then wanted a handwriting book. I couldn't find his old HWT so I gave him an old CHC penmanship book.

Clare then gave Kieron a Latin lesson and they also did a nature study, going off into the forest with their sketchbooks.

I was tired out (we're fighting off a cold) and had a short rest on the bed.

Then we ate lunch, I talked on the phone with a friend about lesson plans for this year, then we went to the beach where I made some catch-up phone calls.

This afternoon Kieron worked on finishing his volcano. We are having internet problems and so I can't get to the computer with the photos, but when things are back to normal I'll probably upload pictures to my Every Waking Hour blog.

We will add a few more subjects as time goes on. I haven't finished planning history or science, and intend to consult my old copy of The Well Trained Mind since I think that approach for science will work pretty well for Sean and Kieron.

Sean is off to football practice tonight... still in a lot of pain.

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  1. Sounds great Willa. A day full of family and learning is a good day. We are starting our first day soon (was supposed to be tomorrow but we had a hectic weekend and oldest ds is on a canoe trip).

    Thank you for all your great, very thoughtful and thought provoking posts. I am a faithful reader!