Friday, June 27, 2008

Monthly Themes and Memos

Here is a form I made last year: Monthly Themes (pdf)

The form was based on Dawn's beautiful monthly themes at By Sun and Candlelight. Though it is a very inadequate representation -- she is an artist and I'm not ;-).

I always have struggled with temporal sequence. I don't have too much trouble with daily habits, but less regular things just don't happen if I don't keep a watch over them. So I have worked on forming a habit of planning by month. This form is supposed to help with that.

Some things I try to do or think of near the beginning of every month:

  • Plan housekeeping projects
  • Check the next month for the liturgical year and list topics and resources
  • Make a library list or plan "baskets" of crafts and related books for the children.
  • Make a list of seasonal activities and possible places to go.
I never do as well at keeping up with this as I would like to, but planning it out helps me be more intentional than I would be without the plans.

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