Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Notebook Real Learning Collection

Notebooking How-Tos
I am totally new to the concept of notebooking. I am gathering that it can be kind of as elaborate as scrapbooking, or quite simple also. Can anyone with experience recommend how to start notebooking? Are there any resources, or maybe even kits, to get a feel for it?
This is such a new concept for me - I have seen examples of people's work and I have alot of questions that I hope I get to ask somewhere down the track, but my first few questions are - do you find this very expensive? All the coloured cardboard, paper and so on, that goes into making these sort of things? How many would you attempt with your children in a year? Do you set yourselves a particular budget for these endevours and what do you find yourselves spending in this area?
I can't make up my mind about notebooking: do I want a notebook for every subject or a one notebook for everything with dividers. What do y'all do?
If you do individual notebooks for each subject what size has worked best for you?
Or both?? Last year I guided ds to do 2 lovely science lapbooks. They are beautiful. However, I am now thinking that notebooking suits my style better....lapbooking was a little too labor intensive for me, and I felt like I had to have the end product in mind before I started, in order to make all our little books and artifacts fit on the flaps. I seemed a little too focused on figuring out what would fit and fill the flaps, rather than just producing whatever work seemed natural for our unit. ...
Notebooking seems more open-ended and versatile. I've been looking over Cindy Rushton's stuff. However, I'm not sure what to do with over-sized items that don't fit into page protectors. Just curious how others use notebooks and/or labbooks?
Specific Notebooks
I am wondering if anyone has used the materials from Hold That Thought (holdthatthought.com). From my understanding, you buy a CD which has print outs that can be used in a Book of Centuries or the like. I'm tempted because I think it might help ds with his BoC. He isn't much "into it" and I'm hoping to spark some interest.

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