Friday, June 27, 2008

Detailed Planning

It is so geeky to be all happy about something like a note-taking system, especially when it's something I'm already familiar with. I have been spinning my mental wheels trying to think of a tidy way to organize my more detailed notes. For some reason, suddenly remembering the Cornell Note system was a logistical breakthrough for me.

Here is information about Cornell Notes

Here is a Cornell Note-taking Generator

Over on the left is a gif of the notes I started taking yesterday on the Gospel of Mark. You can see that it's very abbreviated so far, which is why I am not going to waste my file space uploading a doc form. It wouldn't be worth seeing.

My idea is to go through the books we are using and jot down key points very briefly. If a "connection" occurs to me I can note it, too. Other related resources, possible conceptual difficulties, memo to search for map, that type of thing.

Another priority is to list writing topics. This is something I wanted to have at the top of my list, as I have mentioned before, because last year it was so difficult to scramble up writing themes. You would think it would be easy when using the Progym -- just grab writing selections from whatever you are reading in order to analyze and imitate -- but it didn't work out that way for me. I needed more thinking time ahead of the moment.

So this format will allow me to revisit and add to my notes as the year progresses. Anyway, this clarified my thinking processes so I wanted to write it down while I was still thinking about it.

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