Saturday, August 18, 2007

Friday -- summer

No formal academics, though we have been talking about it and planning a bit.

We went to homeschool Stations of the Cross. The kids had fun playing together.....ages 4 up to 11, and all got along pretty well, which is usual there. Clare and LIam came too -- Clare played the piano there for a while.

Sean had football practice. After this week it cuts back to 3 days a week. He is still out of action because of his torn muscle and told me as he went in to soak it in warm water "It's incredibly stressful and draining to feel this bad all the time" (!).

Aidan and Paddy playing with play dough and Duplos, but not getting along quite as wonderfully as they did during the first days last week.

Kieron was reading the electricity Usborne book, and "Secret Spaces and Hideaway Places" and tried to make a homemade compass and has plans to make a fishing pole.

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