Friday, August 17, 2007

Clare's Plans

Clare and I talked about planning today in the car. I'm writing it out quickly in note form while it's still in my mind.

Clare pretty much plans her own courses with some input from me. This year she is doing:

: Geometry.
Latin: Henle (she wants to do it with Sean, and possibly with Kieron, though I think a high school level class will move too fast for Kieron).
Science: Some text -- maybe Apologia Chemistry?
Nature Study: with Kieron, twice a week -- go out in the forest, take pics and sketch.

History -- she wanted to ask what to do about this. We are thinking maybe the 20th-century course I made for Liam, based on Kolbe's senior year. American Government and Economics alongside.

Literature -- she's designing her own course. I may give her some suggestions that fit in with the history.

English -- that comes naturally. She writes all the time.

Religion -- also comes naturally. We have a lot of books around and she reads extensively, participates in church activities and takes an interest in the Catholic internet world. Maybe I can get some ideas from her on how to inspire the younger boys.

SAT prep..... we've traditionally included this as part of a course on study skills.

I think I am missing something..... she is planning out a schedule. Music will be high priority too, of course.

The top box of books are her core materials and the books here on the shelf are the ones she is going to bring in later in the year.

(Another good blog post of hers about HP called "Ridiculous")

Oh, that's right! The last course is literary analysis. I'm having her read essays on criticism and analysis by CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Flannery O'Connor, and hopefully I will be able to collect some more. Liam did a similar course in his last year and it was a good thing for us -- we had lots of good discussions.

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