Thursday, August 16, 2007

Planning -- Random Notes

For the little ones, use Five in a Row and Real Learning booklist. Go on rabbit trails. Search online for activities and related books. Basically, just have fun and explore. Perhaps use the books they particularly love for some word-recognition games.

Kieron wants to learn about animals, particularly reptiles, for science.

I think, upon consideration, I'll have Sean do a Well Trained Mind type thing for science -- basically, just read through various science books, keep a notebook, choose further things to go in more depth upon. Something similar for Kieron. This is a relief to decide -- it worked for past kids. Perhaps I'll have him use a textbook later in the year to learn how, just in case he does go to school next year.

Both like to do nature sketches -- take local photos and perhaps reproduce in sketchbooks (their grandma, an excellent artist, does this).

There is a community college opening relatively near us. A possibility for Brendan and perhaps Clare next year, in the interim before they go off to regular college or university. Note: Find out more about transferring credits, dual credit, online options etc.

Brendan -- work for Kevin.

Continue story society during the year. Find ways to get Sean and Kieron writing more, especially Sean.

History -- Kieron wanted to continue the Romans. But perhaps phase into the middle ages from there.


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