Saturday, August 16, 2008

Record-Keeping Format, and more

I like the way Faith logs her kids' daily academics in a weekly format. It looks like it would be more streamlined and less boring than the way I used to log daily. So I think I'll try it that way and see how it goes.

Also, I love Blogger's new gadget -- you can put a blog-feed on your sidebar which is *specific to that particular blog*. That is nice for people like me who have more than one blog. So my sidebar feed here is devoted to blogs that fit in the "learning notes" category, with Stephanie's blog "What I Knew Now" in sort of the alumna role since she is blogging about learning from a future perspective.

Incidentally, speaking of the neat new blogger changes, here is a warning for parents of young bloggers, and an update, by Love2Learn Mom. This is useful for me to know since I was thinking of having my YEar 7 son start a blog as a sort of narrative record of his studies. Just a thought, and a caveat.

One more thing -- this 100 Species Challenge is really pulling me in. Since we live in a national forest, it seems like a "natural" -- ha, ha. Besides, Kieron reading over my shoulder sounded interested -- and it might be a fun way for him to organize his nature study this year. Just thinking out loud.

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