Friday, August 15, 2008

Prequel-- Year 7

I hope this is readable -- you can click on the gif to make it bigger. Also, it's here as a doc.

From the notes:

When I told Kieron we were starting school on Monday, he said something about a “nightmare”. So I started asking him for specific reactions to various things we had done last year, to get an idea of what the “nightmarish” part was for him. I divided it up into columns and then asked about his ideas for making the “nightmare” subject (math) into a better experience….. given that he needed to learn enough math to get by and build on, HOW he thought it would be best to learn it. Then I talked a bit about the “new things” that we didn’t really do last year, but that I planned for this year.

Next time we talk, I will try to give him a preview of what to expect in each subject, and ask for feedback in specific areas.

This worked because Kieron likes talking sessions -- not all of my kids like to analyze things verbally the way he does. Anyway, this is useful to me because I can use it to tailor his work, and I can ask him to look it over and give further feedback later in the year.

Though he didn't say this, I imagine he also is not too thrilled with the *constraint* part of the homeschooling. That is, having one's time locked up to some extent is not generally a favorite thing for kids that age. I am hoping that since he is the oldest homeschooler now and in some ways the format can be looser, that this will suit his more easy-going interactive pace.

I am not counting this as "Day One" because Monday is our official start date.

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  1. Garrett just made cookies, just came out of the oven. Kids that age just LOVE to make cookies.

    Now, the big question for me eat or not to eat????