Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 89

I printed out these two quick charts on one piece of paper and have been using them as a sort of cheat sheet like the nurses used to have on the pediatric floor. I keep it in my pocket and check things off as we do them and scribble quick notes on them.

It looks like we have about two more days before we finish the first week of reading. We've done a couple of the "weekly" things but not really started back into the "dailies" like math and language.

So far so good, still. The reading schedule feels less cluttered than it did last term when I was adding things right and left. We'll see what happens as we move back up to full schedule.

Year 7

  • A bit more of Johny Tremain -- almost through with chapter 1 (which is 25 pages long).
  • Finished chapter 47 in This Country of Ours -- narration.
  • 1 page of Romulus from Plutarch -- he "prenarrated" since he already knew the story.
  • He read a few pages from Midsummer Night's Dream (in Tales from Shakespeare)
  • He read the preface of Ways of the Wood Folk (the edition we have belonged to his great-uncle who died at age 19 in World World II).
Year 1

  • Sang folk songs with his older sister.
  • Listened to first 10 chapters of Reddy Fox.
  • We read the preface and first chapter of An Island Story (Albion and Brutus)
  • Two Aesop's Fables (Wolf and the Kid, and The Crab and His Mother -- we skipped the Turtle because he's on the sensitive side and I wasn't sure if it would bother him when the Turtle dropped to the rocks).

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