Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 90

Today seemed so much like a holiday, with the snow outside and Sean in full energy mode after a few days off from school. So mostly I just let the day flow. There was a lot of running around playing football together and also a computer game together and bionicles.... nothing very highbrow but all good in the way of brotherly rebonding.

Kieron and I had a talk about video time this morning and though it sort of stopped without coming to a resolution, I think some of it sunk in because tonight he was asking to have his work laid out for him tomorrow "so he would know what to expect". He probably has a point that we've been kind of inconsistent and that probably detracts from his focus. If I can manage it, I'm going to lay out all the work left (12 more weeks) and then give it to him so he has a concrete sense of beginning, middle and end.

(this bugs me, incidentally, and I'm not exactly sure why. I don't think I like the thought of "schola" being basically on the level of chores. Sigh. In this very thoughtful post on Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, Brandy quotes Douglas Wilson who says:

One result of fallenness seen in children is the aversion to work, and natural curiosity is not sufficient to overcome that aversion..... Another problem with home schooling is a common, but mistaken, assumption about human nature...[T]here seems to be a prejudice among some home schoolers against "forced learning," and the prejudice appears to be based on an overly optimistic view of the child's innate love of learning...I am afraid there is more than a little sentimentalism here, with the nature and power of sin being overlooked. Many children need to be disciplined in an intellectual way early. If they are not, then the opportunity is lost; a mental laziness is already habitual.
.... however, I can't quite totally buy that. If I could it would make life easier in so many ways. I buy it partially, in that I can easily accuse myself with some justice of sentimentality, but I still dislike the thought of "forced learning" and I think my dislike is grounded on something more than touchy-feely mom softness)

But anyway, this is not force. Kieron's willing to meet the requirements, he's just not thrilled.

Didn't mean to get so far off the day's log. Anyway, Kieron did math today and his work around the house. And he got a workout playing indoor football and wrestling with Sean and Paddy, and he and Sean played chess. Aidan spent the day totally going all out on puzzles and manipulatives. He must have dug out every manipulative in the green brassbound trunk where I keep that stuff. His competency in looking for and getting out the materials in his environment is getting quite impressive, and he is getting slightly, very slightly better at picking up things after he uses them. A long way to go still on that though.

  • He made a World Map puzzles (with Brendan's help)
  • A Pond puzzle (with a bit of help from me and Paddy)
  • His fire engine puzzle.
  • He played dice games.
  • He set up the chess board that Sean and Kieron later used.
  • He set up some words with the Scrabble set of wooden letters.
  • He came to the Post Office with his dad and me.
  • He helped me make cookies (and eat them).
  • He helped me make dinner.
  • He helped build a fire.
  • He did some laundry.
So a very busy, constructive day for Aidan!

Paddy wants a bedtime snack and story so I'd better stop now!

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