Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 88: Getting College Things Done

Nothing in the way of academics today. We had to go down the mountain early in the morning to bring Clare for a physical exam -- for her college admissions. I dropped Sean off at his school and then we went to the grocery store and to the bank to open a bank account for Clare. That's something we have been planning to do for quite a while so that was good to get done.

When we got out it was snowing, which is quite rare so far down in elevation! We started back up towards our home but the weather was SO bad -- snow flying, fog, cars off the road everywhere -- that I started worrying about Sean taking the bus home that afternoon. So I dropped by his school and picked him up -- along with a bunch of other parents who had the same idea. We took forever getting up the mountain in the blizzard but finally made it home about noon.

Kieron had bought a Superman game with his birthday money and was expecting it to arrive from Amazon today. But when we got the package it turned out that it had broken through at the bottom and the game was gone. So he was pretty disappointed. I emailed Amazon and they answered right away saying they were sending out another one.

I sat by the fire for a bit reading with my husband. Later I went upstairs and IMed back and forth with Paddy. This is his new favorite thing to do -- I'm on my laptop and he's on the computer in the other room. He has a little notebook with various phrases so he can copy them out like "How are you?" and "A monster is coming" and so on. So we did that for a while.

Then I had to get Paddy into trouble --sigh. I told him he had to stay off the computer for the rest of the day. Then he ripped all the pages out of his cute little notebook. BIG sigh.

Aidan is now playing with Duplos -- and Paddy is now putting leads back in a pencil. From the archaelogical evidence on the floor, Aidan constructed the dinosaur puzzle and Paddy played with his stuffed animals while I was gone.

Sean is SO happy to get an unexpected half day off of school. He tells me his language arts teacher read part of his paper out loud in class.

So now we have piles of snow outside our window -- 2-3 feet of new snow piled on the old, looks like. Except for the tragedy with the package, everything is going pretty well.

But at least we got those errands done and we're all safely here at home. It was a nice adventure to drive through the blizzard and "rescue" Sean from his school prison -- me and my daughter. Sort of a role reversal I guess! : ).

Edited to Add:

  • I read the whole of The Adventures of Bobby Raccoon to Paddy.
  • Later he said, "We didn't finish the story of the water and the boat!" (he was talking about Paddle to the Sea).

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