Thursday, February 05, 2009

Day 82

History through Reading

I have started reading to Kieron again from Our Country in Story (an old Catholic history reader for 5th and 6th graders, a little simple for him but not inappropriately so, given that we have done little US History in the past and the style is old-fashioned and thus more literate than the modern book written for the 5th-6th grader). Paddy usually listens in too, though I'd be surprised if he gets much out of it. But I've been surprised before.

We just made it to the mouth of the Mississippi, via Father Marquette and Robert de la Salle.

De la Salle was killed by his men as he tried to establish a colony near the Gulf, and Kieron was very indignant about treachery as the worst possible offense. Dante would agree, as he puts traitors in the inmost circle of hell.

Reading (Phonics)

On the left is a production that Aidan directed, with just a bit of advice from Paddy at the end. Aidan wanted me to write the words from his V-tech phonics board and then google for pictures. I would google and then he would tell me which picture he wanted and I would paste it on the word document.

More Reading

I got several Henry and Mudge books from the library. Paddy reads them and gets me to read them, so we've gone through them several times. Not quite great literature but not as deadly as primers, either. I've never found anything that I love as much as Frog and Toad, though, for simple reading level combined with philosophical depth.

More Phonics

Aidan and Paddy both played on the Starfall site for a long time today.


I had Paddy write a few "P's". My goal is to get him writing his name.


It was snowing today and Aidan was outside in it for quite a while. Clare and Brendan went out hiking in it but Kieron and Paddy were homebodies.


Superheroes again, I believe. There was another discussion but I've forgotten.


Kevin and the older kids are watching Charlie Chan movies at night.

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