Saturday, February 07, 2009

Day 83: More Aidan Pages

This weekend I'm going to go to Ambleside Online and look through trying to plan for Kieron and Paddy for the rest of the year. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm feeling that they need a bit more substance than they are getting right at the moment.

Paddy made another word sheet for Aidan (on the left). Also, I made a calendar for Aidan (below, center). He constantly asks: "Where are we going today?" partly probably because he is bored, and partly also I think because he wants to be prepared for things, and I think also because of intellectual curiosity (he's probably at the right stage developmentally to take an interest in time). Also, because of his PDD he tends to script.

Right now he's most interested in the pictures (which I helped him choose and which in some cases he chose himself, ie the front of the van and the light in our garage). But when he asks about our plans for the week I am hoping we can use this for a reference and to have some conversations that are more concrete to him than just verbal ones.

More information about Visual Schedules here.

If he finds this helpful I may do one where he can put cards in the right place. I did that once before but he wasn't ready for it. He's always liked me to write out the days of the week on little cards though so he can put them in order.

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  1. Hi Willa,
    How funny...I am doing the same this weekend- trying to tie up a nice framework before Lent begins, and using the Ambleside Lists. Funny though, I always get caught up in the chronological history and trying to cover it all- end up skimming too much in the process.

    Have a good weekend,