Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 80


Aidan has been fascinated with the Audobon Mammal Field Guide -- maybe because of our up-close squirrel nature study? He keeps bringing me the guide open to different pages and asking me "Which one is different?" or having me watch while he counts the mammals on a given page.

Paddy and I reread MSB Inside a Hurricane -- this time he wanted me to read some of the little sidebars of information, which was a first. He asked about the experiment of evaporating water.... "If you leave water for 3 days, it really disappears?" When I said that water really did disappear, aka evaporate, he went around telling everyone: "Clare, did you know water will disappear if you leave it in a cup for 3 days?" When he told his Dad, his dad set up the experiment for him. Paddy is confident that the process will take exactly 72 hours so we'll see what happens : )

We also read Marshmallow (another Clare Turlay Newberry book, about a bunny). The day before we read Babette. So far we've read about 3 of her books; we have about 6.

We trapped and released into the wild 2 more squirrels.


Kieron is still rereading lots of Redwalls.
Aidan read a bit from 100 Easy Lessons.


Aidan helped me make cookies.
Kieron made chocolate candy.

You will see I am counting this as Day 80 even though the last entry was Day 77. That's because of weekend learning, and because yesterday, Thursday, was a cleaning day but I'm still counting it because the kids helped, and it led to some creative playing.

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