Friday, January 30, 2009

Plans for the Weekend

I'm going to read:


Parents who homeschool with the greatest success love to play with their children. They learn to protect children’s playtime. They appreciate how much learning results from many kinds of play. Play allows the spark of creative insight to flame – a most powerful learning tool.


Parents who homeschool love to talk and listen to their kids. Conversation includes all communications – oral, written, and mathematical. Parents encourage and guide their children to love learning through daily conversation. Conversation builds strong families through the oral tradition of passing culture and information from one generation to the next.


Parents who homeschool love to hang out, go places, and do things with their children – together. This section explores several important family togetherness issues, and tips for coping with differing ages and stages. Togetherness suggests a process of staying connected with family and loved ones, building community, and learning to live with others in the wider world.

Growing Up

Parents who homeschool find ways to celebrate or otherwise note the myriad steps of growing up in a way that is consistent with a homeschooling lifestyle. Accomplishments, culminating events, rites of passage, and celebrations memorialize the path to maturity and independence.

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