Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 77

Science and Reading

  • I told Paddy we had Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body around the house and he was so excited! Today he asked me about it so I dug it out and he acted like he had gotten a new video game : ). He said (I wrote it down so I'd remember):

"I will read it myself first, if you have something else you have to do."

It was quite a skilful interpersonal remark for someone in my family, but I did not know if he was merely expressing a generous sentiment, or if he REALLY wanted to look it over himself before I started reading it and was just trying to say it politely. I've noticed that little ones often like to pore through a picture book and "preread" it this way before listening to it. Either way, though I didn't have anything important to do, I thought it was better to take him up on it. So I sat beside him and wrote a couple of notes in my notebook while he pored through it.

Anyway, we've read it twice. He already knew about white blood cells and attacking germs (from the book "Germs Make you Sick") and he remembered that. There is a silly T/F quiz at the end of the book and the first time, he tried to get all the answers right (only missed one) and the second time he tried to get all the answers wrong. Kieron sort of listened in and we discussed the T/F answers given in the book, so it was actually quite as comprehensive as many a science lesson, and more fun.


  • Aidan played Starfall.
  • I read him Three Little Kittens.


  • Paddy played Math Dojo online, but wasn't much into it.
  • I played a Tetris like game with addition at the same site while he watched (Kieron watched too).


  • I read about Father Marquette and the Mississippi to Kieron -- several pages


  • Creed in Slow Motion -- about "And she conceived of the Holy Spirit"


  • Kieron talked a bit about the readings but he wasn't connecting too much either to history or religion. This seems to happen to every one of my kids once they turn 13. It goes away eventually. Deo gratias. But I wish I knew the SOLUTION. The weird thing is, often they totally remember what they listened to or read during these years even though they have those blank eyes at the time. Brendan totally remembers and so does Clare.
  • We also talked about Spiderman quite a bit -- the moral implications of a symbiote who tries to influence you for evil seems to fascinate him.
  • Some conflict resolution between me, Aidan and Paddy.
  • Paddy and I played a game with his beanie babies for a long time.

Life Skills

  • Aidan unloaded the dryer, loaded the dryer from the washer, and turned on the dryer ALL BY HIMSELF. He was so proud. Just now he emptied the dryer and brought the basket to the bottom of the stairs like I do.
  • He also made a "shopping list". Right now he scribbles boldly across the page, probably what he thinks I'm doing with my horrible cursive, but there's definitely a start there.

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