Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 76


Aidan spent most of the day working on a United States map floor puzzle. It is a bit too hard for him -- once I helped him and twice Kieron helped him. And now Brendan is helping him. So I guess that is both their geography for today (K and A, I mean, because B has always been the local map authority).

Science and Reading

To Paddy I read: MSB in a Bee Hive, and a book called Barkis by Clare Turlay Newberry. We have read this one twice and the MSB about 10 times. As do all children I suppose, Paddy makes his own Five in a Rows out of the books he really likes. The first couple of times he just listens but then he starts questioning and commenting, as he assimilates it better I suppose. It seems that the familiarity is sort of a springboard to questions about Why? What? How? etc.

We also read some more Tintins....yawn. You know you've read too many when almost everything in real life reminds you of a Tintin situation.


Both the little boys can tell time digitally and Paddy is starting to get a bit familiar with the analog clock face.
Aidan typed and had me print out some more numbers -- up to about 30.

Nature and Local Life

Aidan went out in the snow for a while.
We caught and released another squirrel.
We went to the library and the market.

Aidan has been looking at a mammal field guide.


Toy Story II.


Aidan found some pipe cleaners and I dug up some beads for him. He and Paddy strung beads on the pipe cleaners. Paddy was done after one session but Aidan has revisited several times since.

Aidan was also picking up things with tongs which is actually the sort of thing his OT has him do so it was nice to see him extend it voluntarily into real life. He also chased Kieron and Paddy with the tongs.

Art and Language

Kieron made another bionicle comic (computer art). This is #50 he has made.


The older kids were planning a comedy/radio play/musical. Having lots of fun; now Paddy want to make a musical : )

Paddy has been asking me lots of "themed" questions. Once he asked me about babies -- how they grow, etc.

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