Monday, December 01, 2008

Literacy Activities

I have been trying to write out things that seem to work for the little ones, partly as a form of record-keeping and partly in order to build a sort of file of activities to work on.

This is an example of one of Aidan's "journal stories" with some room below to write words, and some ideas for possible activities (mostly based on Charlotte Mason's ideas for working with nursery rhymes in order to teach reading)

Below is a sort of "album page" (I'm not sure exactly what you call these). Actually there are two pages -- one is for the story activities, and another is for variations on the "word box" activity Aidan played with me and his two older brothers last week.

I wouldn't use any of these ideas unless I thought it was something he might want to do -- I'm looking at them and sort of cringing, thinking of how I could make a fun game into torture. This is more about retrieval of possibilities when I need them ;-).

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