Friday, November 28, 2008

Fraction Circles

Fractions for beginners -- see here and here. Also here for other fraction activities.

I tried baking some Sculpey clay into circles -- may try it again someday, but it was a flop -- the sculpey burned and gave off toxic fumes.

So I gave that up for now, but found these soft circle shapes in my closet that I cut into fractions. Simple but hopefully will work all right for now.

Side benefit--- my young collaborator Aidan took the rest of the shapes and went to town counting, classifying and displaying them on his felt board:


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I am loving your preschool stuff! Did you make the flannel board yourself?

  2. I bought it last year -- they are easy to make, I understand, but I know my limits with crafting : ).