Friday, November 07, 2008

End of Week 11

Summary for Year 7--

  • Even though I felt like our days were light, we did cover most everything except Greek (see gif on left for details).
  • We are pretty much right on track for exams next week.

Summary for Year 1, for the whole trimester.


  • Paddy can do addition up to the 5's and is starting subtraction. He sometimes uses his fingers, sometimes does the operation in his head.
  • Aidan is learning to name numbers over 20 and can match 2-digit numbers with only a few transposition mistakes.


  • Paddy can read on a simple first year level.
  • Aidan can spell several words from memory and read them.


  • Aidan can write words from memory (simple 3-letter words). He still has trouble forming some letters.
  • Paddy is just learning to form curves. He can write a "C" but has trouble with "S".

  • Both have improved in coloring. Aidan did a double-color design with attention to detail. Paddy has learned to stay mostly within the lines though he still leaves white spaces inside the outline.
  • Both have improved in listening comprehension. Paddy listens to chapter books on and off, and Aidan likes repeating phrases from things he hears. Both recite bits of poetry.
  • Paddy has learned about bees and hurricanes from the Magic School Bus. He is an active listener who asks lots of "why" questions while he is listening to stories.
  • Aidan has gained in competence with various life skills. He likes to help in the kitchen, take pictures, bring in firewood, and help clean the vacuum filter.

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  1. Hey Willa,
    What are you using with Kieron for science?