Friday, November 07, 2008

Day 47

Light day today:

  • Kieron did a couple of simple review tests for math --- perimeters and area, and exponents.
  • We reviewed Latin grammar a bit -- it looks like he doesn't thoroughly understand this so I will have to figure out how to give him a chance to practice it.
  • He read a section on the Reformation and answered some vocabulary match-up questions.

Morning Reading:

  • We read a lot of Despereaux. The pace has picked up and Paddy was extremely interested in it.

I found some study guides which I am going to list here, not because I particularly think I am going to use them, but because I like to read through them after I've read a book to see what the "guiders" come up with. I sort of like literature guides, but am very wary of loading a bunch of educational baggage onto the slender swift thoroughbred that is a good book. This one SEEMS quite good though you never know for sure until it's all wrapped up at the end. Even Clare, who's usually quite severe, liked the author's way of writing. It's certainly fun to read out loud; I particularly like saying Roscuro's dialogue.

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