Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Planning Form for History Theme

This is the Term Topic Checklist (doc) that I just made to try to help me through planning. One thing I have trouble with in using other peoples' planners is that I am often trying to do the planning as I go. This is just the way I operate. I also do a lot of thinking ahead of time.

So, acknowledging this, I divided this one up into Preparation/Action/Conclusion. Preparation is for the "pre-thinking" I seem to have to do. Action is for right before or DURING the actual term. Conclusion is my chance to wrap it up, to list extensions and things we didn't get to, and to reflect on what was learned both in the approach and in the content.

Clear as mud? : ).

I fear it will look overwhelming. I seem to have to walk myself through everything, but not everyone is like me. Anyway, if it looks stressful, then you are probably one of those people who does this all intuitively.

Or like me, one of those people who doesn't really do units. This isn't exactly a unit. It's more like my attempt at integration.

Lene Mahler Jaqua put a "how to" plan a history study over at the Classical Homeschooling Newsletter quite a long time ago -- I used some of her ideas.

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