Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 25

Read from Book of Virtues to Kieron and the younger boys:

  • Dust Under the Rug (kind of scruple-inducing!). We compared to Snow White and Goldilocks.
  • The Darning Needle by HC Andersen -- Kieron said it was like an Oscar Wilde tale he had read. I think it was this one. Discussed conceit and denial.

With Me
  • Math -- graphing to convert -- eg C to F temperatures, kg to lbs, km to miles -- so he got a bit of exposure to conversions as well as the graphing. We also worked a bit more on graphing polygons.
  • Creed in Slow Motion -- we are almost finished with chapter 3.
  • Logic ex 6 -- One Basic Verb. He liked that.

Then for independent study:
  • Finish the graphing
  • Read Edmund Campion
  • Read part of Chapter Two of the BOy Scientist, on Galileo
  • Some division problems.
I read Meno to Brendan.... about whether virtue really is knowledge.

Discussed persuasion with Clare -- she is reading How to Speak and Listen by Mortimer Adler -- also Literary Converts by J Pearce, and Old Thunder. J Pearce and M Adler both have those more "blunt" styles and we discussed that, too. Talked about whether priests need to tell jokes as a lead-in for their homily, and the difference between political, judicial, and instructional discourse.


review Montessori pink cards with him -- asked him to read the words, and say the first letter of what the picture represented.


Listened to Aliki's Manners, and Usborne Tournament.

Now we are off for a week -- some of us are going on a journey -- will pick up with Day 26, and Week 7, Term 2, next Friday.

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