Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More History Wrap-Up -- Year 7

Renaissance Overview (pdf)
This is the semi-complete big picture of the first term's main theme.

I have been thinking about how this term went now that it is almost over and it just occurred to me that what it's evolved into is a sort of Main Lesson format. Except that we've been thin on the output, which is rather typical of me, but I think Kieron would like having some projects to do.... so I'll have to think more about that type of thing next term.

I think it's funny that I didn't "get" the main lesson idea at ALL last year and now I've basically backed into it.

Also, a reading list (pdf). The gif is below. These are mostly books and articles that Kieron read this September -- the ones that aren't checked off are ones that I thought he might still read sometime this year, but that he hasn't read yet.

They are the ones that have to do with history, so it is a bit redundant next to the first one. I have another literature list that is basically his "free reading" -- what he has read in his free time that is NOT Tintin or Choose Your Own Adventure or something like that, worthy as those are.

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