Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 24

Easy day today.... Kieron

  • math online (graphing at thatquiz.org)
  • the Latin review worksheet.... did great!
  • started reading Edmund Campion,
  • and an old science workbook on matter (it is grade 6 but I thought it might help him get started on some of those more general concepts that middle schoolers usually learn).

  • Read from the Literature Primer (Harriette Treadwell)
  • Addition (1s and 2s -- he is getting it pretty well).
  • Yesterday, read one of Aidan's stories.
  • I read Brave Irene, Tournament and one other story to him, besides Tintins.


  • Went on walk with us.
  • Reading practice.
  • Counted and browsed through math book.
  • Found a large multiplication chart and has been matching the numbers to the squares.

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