Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 23

Usually today is our "easy day" but Kieron decided to save it for tomorrow so I had to scramble a bit to get together his work for today, since I seem to really only detail-plan a day in advance.

Reading Aloud:

  • Plutarch -- a couple more pages of Theseus..... about the various robbers he tackled on the way to see his father the king, and how he wanted to emulate Hercules. The sentences are quite long and complicated, and the little ones hovering around make it hard to see how much Kieron is getting of this. I think a narration might be in order.
  • Creed in Slow Motion, continuing chapter 3 -- about the concept of "fatherhood" and the Roman pater potestas, vs the modern father paying out for the cinema 3 times a week. Knox called the spoilt children that can result "purple potatoes", the kind you discard when sorting, which made Aidan laugh. And this was the 40's! : ) You mean everyone wasn't raising perfect children back then, either? (it makes me laugh because Clare and I were just talking about over-idealizing times past, the other day).
  • Then math together -- about plotting polygons on a graph, so some geometry came into this. He learned to do something that Sean has only just learned at school-- plot a square that is on a diagonal.
  • Then he worked a bit on math by himself, plotting more polygons.
  • Greek -- the vocabulary sheet #1. He was fine on it. I found a typo.
  • Latin -- description of self, a sort of silly exercise. "Ego sum...." and then you pick from various adjectives. Well, Sean had a whole Spanish homework assignment devoted to making a chart -- Me gusta and Me non gusta... so I guess a little silliness is all right.
Finally, on his own:

  • Maps, Charts and Graphs Lesson 2 -- on Scale Drawings.
  • Reading -- Usborne Book of Discovery page 99, with a discussion question for tomorrow.
  • Finished He Went with Vasco de Gama.
Aidan and Paddy:

  • The OT came and they did puzzles and a stomping game, and colored shapes.
  • We will probably do a bit of math and phonics later.

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