Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 2 in Review

I revised my Week in Review form. (see gif on left). I almost think it would work better as a planner.... maybe, if I have a space in some area, I can write down a plan instead of a happening?

Main Events

Liam went back to college; we drove him there on Sunday.

Household Incidents:

Olympics over; labs on Monday for Aidan, and a GI app't (checked out fine).

Needs Work:

Homeschooling doesn't take enough hours in the day. How to extend without getting into busywork?


Kieron -- computer comics; Aidan -- pretending wooden beads are "blood draw tubes".


Presidential campaign; swearing ;-).


Sean getting more efficient with homework; Aidan improving at sounding out words (very slowly!)


Summer ending, trying to get into a fall routine.


St Augustine's feast day; discussed Creed.


Kieron and Clare went on hike; Aidan to Post Office with parents.

Habits Worked On:

control of screen time!

Core Knowledge and Skills:

Direct objects in Latin; pronunciation in Greek; decimals in math.
Phonics for little ones: still on CVCs.

Life Skills and Work:

Cutting (Aidan) -- shaping cookies.

Future Focus:

Study Teach a Child to Read
Plan writing for Year 7 child, start having little ones practice handwriting.

Whew, that was difficult! Retrieval is not my strong point!

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  1. You know, we need to chat...I REALLY need you to plan out my life. I really need help.

    So, no pressure, okay?