Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 2 Learning Record

I'm going to wrap up the week's learning notes early. So this week was a short week, only 3 days. Next week will have an off day, too -- since it is Labor Day next Monday.


  • Appointments in town -- no school

Tuesday, Day 5:


  • Review Greek and Latin (basically, I asked him what he remembered)
  • 2 more chapters of We Went with Magellan, independent reading
  • Math Multiplication drill at
  • Latina Christiana Quia.
  • Review of the Apostles Creed, then discussion about Ronald Knox and the purpose, audience etc. of Creed in Slow Motion. Then I read a bit of it to him and we discussed it briefly.
  • Introductory Logic, first part of first chapter.
  • Free Time: Designing comics.


  • I read several books to him, including Grasshopper on the Road, Frog and Toad All Day, and a couple of Little Critter books.
  • He read a bit of a LIttle Angel Reader to me.
  • Alphabet Quia
  • Starfall


  • Starfall, Alphabet Quia.
  • Walk to Post Office with Dad and Mom in wheelchair.


  • Both went on sort of an expedition with me. Paddy wanted me to pack him a little bag to put over his shoulder on a stick like a vagabond. Then he devised several "adventures" to different corners of our area, with different sub-objectives. Aidan and he "caught fish".

Wednesday, Day 6

  • Latin, Direct Objects and their case in first and second declension.
  • Greek, pronunciation of vowels
  • Math, review from Core Knowledge 5-- multiplying large factors, and decimal place value. Then he did Place Value Pirates.
  • Bible History -- read introduction, about how we got the Bible, independently. He is supposed to tell me what it was about tomorrow (groans).
  • More of Creed in Slow Motion -- about credulity vs skepticism. Interesting discussion resulted.
  • Logic, the rest of chapter 1 and then Ex 1 (easy stuff -- like Liam, he loves the "nonsense" sentences!)
Paddy and Aidan

No real formal academics. I tried to do a little counting and adding with Aidan using beads. We all went to the library. I brought out a digital timer and Paddy is fascinated by it and using it in all sorts of contests. Aidan has lined his wooden beads in a Hot Wheel storage box and is pretending they are blood draw tubes.

Aidan found a picture in a toy catalog of a transportation puzzle he had when he was littler (someone gave it to him when he was in the hospital) and he became obsessed about it and wanted to order it, etc. This sounds like a small enough irritant but it gets to be like Chinese water torture, especially when he says things like, "Maybe it will be at the Post Office! Are we going to go there and pick it up?" again and again with a sort of fragile, almost hysterical enthusiasm! These things usually end in a major meltdown but this time it seems to have passed off OK.

Thursday Day 7

  • Math -- more review of decimals
  • Greek -- pronunciation of vowel blends
  • Logic -- review of first chapter
  • Latin -- finding the right case for the direct object
  • Narration of yesterday's reading of Bible History
  • Literary discussion
  • Reading: He Went with Magellan.

  • several stories read aloud.

  • a shortish reading lesson
  • walk to Post Office with mom and dad

Goals for next week -- work up to a more complete schedule, and focus more on writing.

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