Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekly Preparation & Review Checklists.

Another old checklist -- I made this when I had five in the homeschool (primary to highschool level) plus a medically fragile preschooler, plus I had a high risk pregnancy. Everything had to be written out or it would slip right out of my mind. So this is more structured than what I generally do now, but it was useful back then.

Here it is in doc -- Weekly Preparation checklist.

Here is a Week in Review form in doc. A similar one is below, in gif. The gif doesn't look very good, so that's why I'm putting the doc version on file.

Last year I tried to do the weekly reports that many homeschoolers were doing, but was never very successful. So this year I am going to try it more like the Daybook or general Week in Review format (HT: Steph), so I don't get short-circuited by my own perfectionism. I will probably tweak the form as the year develops, but this list is a starter.


  1. Your first checklist is making me hyperventilate, LOL!

    I really like your second one though (although I know it's for a different purpose) - I hope you don't mind if I borrow the categories for my "daybook" type entries, it's really what I've been wracking my brain for and couldn't produce myself. :)

  2. I feel the same way as Amy on the first checklist. I didn't even click on it as it seemed so overwhelming. I may go back to it in a bit.

    I also like Amy's idea as well. I may plagiarize you with a bit of tweaking as well.

  3. LOL, Amy. Of course, it is way too much, but so often, if it's not on paper, it is not in my brain. Especially when I was in crisis mode a few years back.

    Please, use it or change it any way you want. I wish I knew how to email you back directly as you seem to be able to do when I comment on your blog ;-).

  4. And ditto, KC. You're welcome to use/change/etc. We must have been writing at the same time!

    Yes, it was an overwhelming time! My friend Chari who was visiting here had the same reaction. ... overload!

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  6. Thank you Willa!

    About that first checklist - I can definitely see the usefulness during crisis times. I think what made my eyes bug out was that I know I do (or should be doing) most of those things every day/week, but seeing them all written down in one place made me wonder just how I manage to sqeeze it all in and stay sane! :) Sometimes I think I like to live in blissful ignorance that my life is complicated. ;-)

  7. So funny, Amy! You definitely have a point there. OTOH it's sometimes nice to realize how much work we are really doing -- even on those days when it seems nothing gets done...

  8. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I really, REALLY like your forms, though I too found that first checklist overwhelming! *LOL*