Friday, August 08, 2008

Household Forms, and More

I wasn't sure whether to put these over here or at House and Hold, but I decided that since they are links to forms, they would be better over here.

Flylady Control Journals
Including ones for home maintenance, teachers, students, office, vacation, etc

Also -- when I was going through some household notebooks of past years, I found this PDF booklet of forms for a control journal. Here are also some pdf tips for getting your house sale-ready.

DIY also has a pdf booklet based on Flylady's routines.

More pretty forms for a household notebook: With the Fruit of Her Hands.

And one more list of links. I haven't checked them all out yet, which is why I'm linking to it.

One more printable booklet is on this site... .specialized medical forms for children with special needs. It is the parent notebook (doc). Someone linked to it on a list I was on for medically fragile children and it was extremely helpful especially when Aidan had multiple issues and I needed lots of info at my fingertips. More recently, I've been more casual, but I am thinking of updating again because there have been several times in the last year when I've had to reconstruct information for new agencies and it would have been helpful to have it all right there. There is another Caregiver Notebook here, in PDF, with some information about how to build one.

I guess you can probably tell I am busy trying to organize for next year. What I've been doing recently is going through lots of old papers and trying to streamline the paper system. If I find a resource I would like to use again, I try to take a picture of it or find the original online, or sometimes compile it into a notebook, but only as a last resort.

The goal is to have fewer stacks of paper, so what IS unique and necessary is easier to find quickly. You can build up a LOT of papers in 23 years of married life and 15 years homeschooling. I weed every year, but there are some papers I've had for years -- I hate to get rid of them, so photographing or transferring them to blog or doc form is a good alternative.

This project will probably take all year, but it is quite relaxing and easy to pick up in odd moments of the day or week.

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