Sunday, August 10, 2008

At a Glance

I made a week-at-a-glance (doc) -- the gif is on the left -- should I ever be THAT organized.

I think that one of my favorite role models is Carol H, who uses the Ambleside program with her son, who is now in high school. She does literature-based in an organized way that is yet flexed to the strengths and needs of her particular child. Here are some of her forms. This week-at-a-glance was inspired by one of hers.

When I had started to type in the math, I realized that it would be helpful to have a syllabus for each subject arranged in the same way.

So I made this Subject-At-A-Glance (doc) --

on the right, in gif. You take one subject and just go through by day and week. This page is for 2 6-week terms, because we are working in the trimester format this year, but 12 weeks is too long a stretch for me to contemplate, so I'm dividing the 12's in half.

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