Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Transcripts and High School Outline

Since I have just finished helping my daughter pull together a transcript for college applications, I thought I'd share a sample. General Transcript (doc)

This one is sort of a mix of the three transcripts we've produced so far for the two older boys and my daughter. They had variations depending upon particular gifts and strengths -- for example, my oldest son had a computer programming elective and apprenticeship, while my daughter learned several musical instruments during this time period, and my second son embarked on an extensive dendrology (tree) study that included all sort of research and field observations (since we live only 20 minutes from a Giant Sequoia grove). He also studied much extra history and wrote a 400 page novel. I would try to write their transcripts in a way that showed their particular focus but still looked fairly conventional and easy to figure out for the admissions officer.

The basic outline of our high school course (based on Kolbe Academy's) is over here at the Classical Co-op. I made that wiki page several years ago when my oldest was a senior, and now I have 3 high school grads. Time moves fast!

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