Sunday, December 16, 2007

Forecast for Week 16

This will only be a 3-4 day week. I'm going to pad it out with a couple extra days since I figure the kids will continue to learn informally during the break. So that ought to bring us to Day 80, which is remarkably close to the halfway point.

Most of the week will be quiet. Aidan has speech therapy, and I have to take Liam to the dentist one morning. I hope to do a bit of last minute shopping in our local area, but hooray, the online shopping is almost done (online shopping is just as stressful to me as store shopping; the key advantage is that I don't have to drive 120 miles and go from store to store with a bunch of other wild-eyed harried types).

The academic priorities for this week:


  • Sean ought to do some sort of review and then make out a page to send to Kolbe for the first quarter evaluation.
  • For Kieron, I want to telescope through the rest of the chapter on Decimals, and then be able to do a couple of days review when we start in January.

Advent Unit:

  • Work on Jesse Tree symbols
  • Sean keep reading The LIfe that Changed the World (about 3 more chapters would be nice)
  • Kieron could maybe read this too.
  • Continue discussing Baltimore Catechism.
  • Sean copy quotes from Treasures of the Vatican King of Kings; Kieron memorize part of it.
  • Kieron read some of the Christmas stories at the Baldwin Project

Greek and Vocabulary --
  • continue (Kieron may be able to finish Book Two so I'm trying to decide what to do with him after that)


  • Review -- I need to organize all their cards a bit better -- do that today!


  • Each do a written narration from reading. Sean maybe do a wider-view one on one of his books so far?

Here is the checklist I am going to try out with them. It is sort of like this one that I used last spring when we were powering down for summer.

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