Friday, December 14, 2007

Days 74 and 75

I guess I didn't get around to logging the day yesterday? At least, I can't find it.

Sean made it to the end of Chapter 7 in Jacob's Algebra. On Monday he gets a break from math. Tuesday and Wednesday, I want to go over chapter 7 again and do a cumulative review to send into Kolbe.

He also did:

  • Greek
  • Vocabulary
  • The Life that Changed the World
  • Screwtape Letters
  • Church's Aeneid
  • Latin declension – I had him place the flash cards first, THEN do a written test which he aced. This is the first time I've tried it that way and it seems to work.



  • For the past couple of days, has only done one lesson of math, and LOTS of reading. He is on the second book of the Archives of Anthropos which I started to read aloud to him only two days ago.
  • Because of this, Sean's work can take a back seat next week while I focus on Kieron.


Little Ones, and family activities.

  • Aidan continues to play often with his counting felts.
  • Yesterday, the five younger kids ALL played a monster game inspired by Signs. Yes, even Clare the almost-18 year old. Ah, I love homeschooling! This is called dramatic narration and includes many other life skills as well.
  • Paddy has gotten into the Frog and Toad books again. I love them myself. I never did this with the other kids because it felt too "teachery" but with him I have been pointing out words and letters and asking him if he can find a certain word on the page. He really has a lot of readiness skills in place but is not quite at the level where working systematically at it would be a good idea.


  • Today we have homeschool Stations of the Cross, and then Liam comes via Amtrak. Hooray!

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