Monday, December 17, 2007

Day 76

Quick academic day today.

Sean didn't have math since he finished the chapter last week. So he did Latin, Greek, and vocabulary. He read Screwtape Letters and Church's Stories from Virgil. He narrated from both of them. Then he did his weeklies and I had him copy out another Scripture section from King of Kings.

Kieron did math (he's been distractable recently and struggling with this chapter on decimals which is pretty easy stuff -- he thinks it's because he's been staying up too late watching films and I suspect he is right). I think that is about all he did; right now we're getting ready to go to the library.

It's supposed to snow 18 inches tomorrow so we are going to get new snow shovels too.

We have had several family discussions on the various movies we have been watching so I think that counts for narration and lit analysis too.

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