Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 77

Second to last day before we stop for the holidays!

Today Kieron had a pretty easy time with math; Sean did the second part of the summary of chapter 7, and seemed to have a bit easier time of it. Tomorrow he's supposed to do the test for Kolbe's first quarter, and then we are done.

He read Screwtape Letters; Church's Aeneid; and The Life That Changed the World. He did Greek and Vocabulary.

I am not sure if Kieron did any formal schoolwork besides the math.

We had to rush to get to Aidan's speech therapy. It was set for 1:30 at the local school, but there was an ice storm outside and it is supposed to turn into real snow later on. So I called the school and she asked if we could come early since she had free time.

It was a good meeting. The SLP has been worried because this is only the second therapy session all this school year. She went away for over a month and they didn't have a replacement, and then we went away for a couple of weeks. There were also some specialist appointments in town which couldn't be rescheduled, and the SLP only comes up here for one day a week. But anyway, she had printed out a spreadsheet to check off work on goals (a kindred spirit! she likes forms!) and she was also impressed by his level of work this time as compared with last time. He was restless last time in September and she was rushing his answers so she didn't get a good sense of what he was like. This time was more representative.

He has had a genuine developmental advance though. He was able to categorize things by what you do with them (things you eat, things you wear, things you play with) -- he even "discovered" the categories himself when she showed him four things like: orange juice, banana, toast, icecream.

Now the four younger boys are outside and Clare is playing the violin.

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