Thursday, November 08, 2007

Weekly Progress Chart Week 10

Year 6

Year 9

My plan, which I haven't put into practice yet, is to have Thursday end the week and start a new week on Friday.

So maybe I'll start a new checklist now, today, and start actually working through it tomorrow. That would actually be good, since today was Day 50 which is the end of the 10th week, anyway.

Do I sound obsessive? Honestly, it doesn't look so bad in actual real life.

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  1. You do not sound obsessive at all. I always wonder the same thing as I track our days and write down our goals. It looks much more organic in the execution.

    By the way, we still haven't ordered the syllabus for the Henle 1 but are enjoying just going very slowly! I am enjoying it much more than I did our LC as it has much more variety.

    Have a great weekend,


    ps. have you gotten anywhere with the progym plans?? I have yet to get there, as both my kids are engaged in their own writing projects