Friday, November 09, 2007

Miscellany -- Science Rabbit Trail

While I was looking for something completely different, I found this Geography Outline, using Montessori-type methods, at Lifelong Learning (it is a beautiful, organized blog with lots of sidebar resources)

I was looking for a 6th grade Science Scope and Sequence and found this general one.
Here is the World Book: Curriculum Standards for Grade 6
(Here's the Kindergarten and Preschool ones)
Here's an article by Eclectic Homeschool Online about Homeschooling S and S
Oh, and here's the YSC List of Kits
(I guess if we have a spine this year, that's it)

I'm looking this up because I just realized that I don't have the next topic for Kieron for science, yet -- one of the disadvantages of not using a traditional spine text.

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