Friday, November 09, 2007

Day 51

Today I went over with Sean the materials he is taking with him on his visit, showing him what to do and making sure he understood the checklist and so on.

Also, he did 2 lessons of Greek, read a section of CS Lewis Mere Christianity (I think we will stop here at the end of the third book; the fourth book is more doctrinal and I think will be too much to assimilate), went over decimals with me (most of the work he is bringing with him is review on decimals so I gave him a refresher course) .

We discussed the CS Lewis chapter. He has started narrating spontaneously, perhaps in self-defense so he doesn't have to write notes? But he has daily notes/journal assignments in his checklist for his trip. (I am a mean mom, no?)

He also did the grammar/usage worksheet on the back of the decimals worksheet, for fun.

The kids are supposed to do their weekly jobs before we go, and straighten their rooms/areas.

Aidan worked on his pink cards. Then Sean and Kieron played a concentration game with the cards.

Then Kieron sat down with a Brainquest quiz game. Pretty soon all the older kids were quizzing each other. Then they started playing cards, and I came upstairs to think about the progym.

Here's Sean's checklist -- we will see how it goes!

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