Thursday, November 08, 2007

Day 50


  • Latin
  • Packed for trip
(I gave him a checklist but he is slow to action this morning, so the Latin is about the extent of it)


  • Math: I made a math review sheet for him. This was useful; I hope to do it again every couple of weeks.
  • Greek: Flashcard drill with me on alphabet and vocabulary
  • Art: Drawing (with his homemade quill and ink)
  • Spelling: Went over rules and did the first 7 words in Writing Road to Reading. I decided to start at the beginning and review the rules as we do it, plus remediate handwriting. So the words were incredibly easy for him, but that gives him a chance to concentrate on mechanics.
  • Discovery of New Worlds: Read about the decline of the Roman Empire and the beginning of Christianity, then looked at the atlas. Response/narration -- particularly impressed with Constantine and the cross (Possibly use this narrative for a progym exercise?)
  • Faith and Life: reviewed 10 Commandments, discussed penance and self-denial.


  • Lesson 20 in 100 EZ Lessons
  • Word building
  • numberline and cards from 1-20.
  • Painting.


  • Played with colored pencil grips and crystals all morning.

Last evening we had quite a lot of activity, so I'll list it in the informal learning department:

  • played cards -- first I played SWAP with the three younger ones, then K and Clare played War.
  • watched first half of Martin Chuzzlewit
  • soundtrack of Magnificent Seven
  • read to Paddy for an hour (Tintin)
  • Aidan made a medical play scenario with the pencil grips (they reminded him of test tubes) and syringes (pens) and alcohol pads and stickers (for positive reinforcement).
Things to Do:

  • make a study checklist for Sean for his schoolwork during the trip -- gather books for him.

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