Friday, November 30, 2007

My Daily Routine for Second Term

I'm adopting Mother Auma's (I think it was her) idea of writing out the daily routine hope/wish/ideal and then putting it on a clipboard.

So here's the one for this term -- it's not all-inclusive of course, but includes some of the things I forget if not reminded:

  • Wake up, pray
  • Get dressed, weigh in, swish and wipe toilet
  • Tidy upstairs, note things to do later
  • Bring laundry down, start a load
  • Start fire, make breakfast, tidy kitchen.
  • Pray, eat breakfast.
  • Have coffee while planning the day -- look over their books if time provides (usually doesn't)
  • Talk to kids as they get up and eat breakfast.

8:30 am till about noon

Gather kids -- give them outline of what to do (this varies from day to day)
Help them as needed.
While older ones read, type in log and check email.

Lunch, chores, supervise chores, switch laundry
Attention for littlies
Bath, ask about their reading and writing (narrations)
Afternoon -- Run errands
If there are no errands or places to go:
Nature Walk/Arts and Crafts/Explore closets/Play games/Read Aloud
Start dinner
Ride bike (exercises), tidy, laundry
Kids clean up; family time
Plan a bit for next day
Bedtime Routine:
Prayers, baths, teeth, read alouds, sleep

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