Friday, November 30, 2007

Days 64 and 65

I realize I did not log yesterday. It was a very basic day but we did get those basics done.

Today we did more basics but that was all. Both needed a lot of help with math -- Kieron's writing execution difficulties are making it difficult for him to stay on task. Conceptually, he is fine. He has the most severe problems of any of them, I think. I checked his pencil grip and it is not that bad. So I'm not exactly sure what is going on except that he has one of those visual-spatial difficulties that prevent thought from reaching motor function efficiently.

Yesterday we had a horrendous trip to the oral surgeon -- the surgery itself went fine, but it took over 2 hours of waiting time, plus the 2 hours of travel time. Not something I want to repeat.

This afternoon I am bringing the younger set to homeschool Stations.

Anyway, even the little bit we got through is helpful.

We didn't have OT or Speech this week so I didn't color those in but I did a phone consult with both of them.

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