Friday, November 30, 2007

Checklist of Priorities

I planned this out while I was in the car yesterday and typed it today.

We have been so busy recently, with appointments every day, and the first effect is usually to clutter my mind and make it difficult to stay on task and separate high priority from "would be nice" or "important but not urgent".

It looks very structured, I suppose. Sigh...

I guess in effect it is a bit like the "Robinson Curriculum"

I didn't write it down on the sheet, but there is always the option to drop everything and just follow a trail or play games or read for a day or so.... in other words, take one of the Occasional options and just run with it.


  1. Ooo, I like this. I have been very negligent in keeping track of even what little we are doing lately (we need to keep some track for state laws).

    You say it's looks structured but I really see how it could be used as a general guideline of priorities, something you can look back over as the weeks go by to refresh your memory on what was getting covered and what isn't (at least that is what I would need it for, LOL)

  2. Exactly, that is what I wanted it for. So easy to forget what we did and didn't do, especially with multiple kids.