Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 45

Our 9th week ended with a bit of a whimper. For a combination of reasons, it has been really difficult to make much progress the last few days. One child just got fitted with braces and is in pain; another one has a mysterious chronic injury in his leg and is in pain; another one has elevated liver function numbers, and though he is showing no signs of infection or rejection or pain, it is worrying to his mom. And I am sick. ....and worried about the mystery health issues, and annoyed that they will probably entail lots of expensive time consuming follow-up interventions ... and just tired.

Combining that with the festivals and holy days this week, and several doctor's and dentist's appointments, the result was, for one thing, me losing patience with my 14 year old during algebra (not good! temper and teaching are not a good mix -- I am not talking verbal abuse, just an irritated lecture, which is bad enough!!). If I had had to assess the two boys' math level today in isolation from the other days, I would've put the 14 year old at the 6th grade level and the 11 year old back at wherever you master your times and division tables.

Still, Sean did get through all the "basics" (no attempt at composition) and I did a Plan B with Kieron -- verbal quizzes and reviews for most of the subjects, while we worked on carving pumpkins together. I also worked on some fraction manipulatives that I can have him use to reinforce equivalency ideas (he seems to be getting it fine, but MCP Math F moves FAST through fractions, probably because a lot of it is supposed to be review -- and it IS review for him but I want him to have it down completely, since it often trips you up in the upper levels).

I did a bit of reading with Aidan on lesson 18 of 100 EZ Lessons.

I am going to read aloud to Kieron now.

On the brighter side (and really, nothing BAD is happening -- it's the worries that are draining my energy, and kicking myself for worrying) --

The house for some reason looks SO much better than it has looked for weeks -- I'm not quite sure why. Maybe the grey days don't show up the dust so much???
I finally exercised today -- I had a bad food and activity week last week while I wasn't feeling good, and I gained almost 4 pounds. But now some of it is coming off again.


  1. I think my kids would like that reading wheel. :-)

  2. Oops! I posted that comment under the wrong post. Reading on Bloglines, I sometimes get mixed up. Thanks for the Bloom's Taxonomy stuff, too.