Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 46


  • I promised Sean no math today because he had to go into town to make it to All Saints Day mass (the rest of us are going locally but he has practice tonight and can't go at that time). Plus he has his orthopedist appointment tomorrow and a game Saturday out of town, so it is a busy time for him.
  • I had him do a history day: he read Plutarch, then Stories from Virgil, then started the Book of Discovery. He has finished Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.
  • He also read chapter 2 of Traditional Logic. What I'm going to have him do is just read through the more philosophical chapters 1-3, not answering the end of chapter questions (which are sort of overly-detail oriented). I'll work with him on making a summary of the essential philosophical points in those chapters, but not expect retention of historical figures etc. Then we'll start the more detailed work in chapter 4. If he is still not really getting it, we'll go to Introductory Logic (Canon Press) -- we did some of it in 6th grade and it was easy for him then.
  • I told him to write his paper but have not checked to see if he did.
  • We did a quiz on the first 2 declensions. He has them down pretty much by heart now, so Monday we'll do just a bit more review and then move on.


  • He did math -- regrouping fractions with unlike denominators. This is not easy stuff. He goes slowly but does well.
  • Spelling test
  • He read "Black Holes" (about space) for a long time
  • Also finished Hunters of Souls.
  • We discussed All Saints Day a bit.
  • I had him work on a map puzzle of the world.
  • Declensions verbally.

Little Ones (Paddy and Aidan)

  • Aidan did a bit of matching with the Pink Cards
  • Both did number cards 1-20. Surprise! They both know all the numbers up to 20 and can recognize them. I'm not sure how they learned! Paddy made a train by himself and Aidan made one with a bit of motor-process prompting -- which one's the?? type of thing.
  • They played with the map puzzle.
  • Aidan worked a bit with the Parent/Child masterpiece cards.
  • Both worked with the stamp sets -- letters, and animals.
  • Reading: Berlioz the Bear, Tintins, Teddy Bears Picnic, and Goodnight, Little Bear (about Alaska). I guess we're on a bear theme here.
Now it's time for me to start lesson planning for next week, and write up the weekly report for this week. No school tomorrow. This was a full week in spite of not getting to everything we'd planned, but then, that's a good thing : ).

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