Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 42

Today we didn't get all that much done, but the morning still had a nice feeling to it. Here is the short version:

Now, for the long version:

  • Greek -- up to page 74, lesson 16
  • Vocabulary -- up to chapter 41
  • Latin quiz on vocabulary and grammar(I told him to study for another quiz on declensions on Monday).
  • Mere Christianity -- he made it up to book 3 chapter 4, and I am skipping him to chapter 7.
  • King Solomon's Ring -- up to chapter 6
  • Algebra -- up to Chapter 5, lesson 5


  • Finished the book cover of a dragon
  • no math today since he finished chapter 5
  • For handwriting, I took him through the beginning part of WRiting Road to Reading -- diagnosing some of his directional difficulties and pencil grip. (Next week I'm going to continue this and then phase into the spelling notebook-- I did this with my other son who had some handwriting difficulties, too, and it helped him a lot)
  • I have started doing Thinking Skills with him because it leads to conversations and is in general, more thought-provoking when it's interactive. We did four pages. (SInce I can only spare the time once or twice a week, we're going to do more pages at a sitting).
Here is the Thinking Skills page -- he had the idea of actually punching holes to test the accuracy of our guesses, which made it into a nice investigation.

I assigned him for reading:
  • Beorn the Proud
  • Hunters of Souls
  • Spotlight on Vikings (continue)
  • Also, yesterday I read him 3 chapters of The Secret Cave while he was exercising.
  • He talked to a friend on the phone.
  • Yesterday evening he helped me make treats. I have been trying to cope with his tendency to want to get on the computer when he's bored, by finding pleasant tasks for him to do.

  • Aidan did a bit of 100 EZ Lessons
  • Paddy wanted to do Thinking Skills when he saw us doing it (Sean and Clare got interested and did a couple of Kieron's figural exercises, too).
  • So I brought out the beginner Thinking Skills A -- and he did some patterns, sequencing, and identifying "same" and "different."
  • Yesterday I read Paddy several books at bedtime (but have forgotten what they were). He also sat through The Secret Cave, which is one reason for reading Kieron books he could easily read silently by himself. I think I will keep that up since we are building good memories.
  • Aidan: "Hey Sean -- false one! You have deceived me!" This shows the value of a one room schoolhouse, so to speak. The littlies are always coming out with phrases never heard in a typical Kindergarten. In general, Aidan made it his business to help Sean learn focus -- he bothered him all morning, systematically, while we worked. Have to think of something for little ones to do while older ones work.

This afternoon we have a field trip to the local Pumpkin Patch, and then a Halloween party after Stations of the Cross, so it will be fun for the younger kids.

The firewood yesterday!

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