Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 41

Today I started the morning early since Sean had an early appointment with the doctor. So I did the pink word cards with Aidan, and he worked on his HWT letterforms.

Then we brought Sean down to the doctor to start the process of referrals and diagnostic procedures. He is to see an orthopedist whenever they can fit him in.

We didn't get home till after ten, and I made a "real" breakfast for the first time this week. Meanwhile, Kieron was reading Mary Poppins and The Enchanted Castle (by Nesbit) and Sean was reading an old Star Wars book.

I decided to leave Sean to his junk reading -- he obviously didn't feel inclined to tackle his academics and this is not his usual practice -- he's usually attacking his Greek and Vocabulary as soon as he gets up. I made him a protein drink.

So, with Kieron, I did:

  • Latin flashcards
  • Math -- test on Chapter 5.
(Oh, and yesterday we finished the Snow Treasure read aloud)

This took an awfully long time, especially since I was reading to Paddy from the American Girl books in between times. I also worked on a 100 EZ lesson with both Paddy and Aidan.

But I am OK about it, because I see that Kieron is on page 98 of Hey Andrew book 3, which is ahead of where I thought he was, and the books he is choosing to read on his own are pretty good books.

Then our firewood came -- four cords dumped in our front yard. So now the kids are outside stacking logs, and Paddy just came in with a splinter. Kieron asked for paints and paper because he is making a book cover for the story he is working on.

Later today I will probably start reading The Secret Cave to Kieron.

(And yesterday I read two Beatrix Potter stories to Paddy as well as the ubiquitous Tintin).

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