Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 40

Little Ones:

  • I did Lesson 17 with Aidan in 100EZ lessons -- he found it and wanted to work on it with me.
  • Clare got out her American Girl dolls and her old books for Paddy, and so Paddy wanted me to read one of the Molly books. So I read him the first chapter.


  • Greek
  • Vocabulary
  • Algebra -- chapter 5, lessons 2 and 3. It is solving equations, and he did so much of that last year that I decided to move ahead.
  • Latin -- review. I looked at where he is on the Memoria Press syllabus and decided we could easily review for 2-3 weeks and he would not be "behind". So we did vocabulary and grammar flashcards.
  • MEre Christianity
  • Earth Science -- Unit Two is on Stars and Galaxies -- he finished reading section 2.1. I asked him the questions at the end of the section.
  • (He finished Knight of the White Cross and almost finished Collier Jr Classic -- Sports and Adventures)


  • Math: comparing fractions using least common denominators. ... he did them diligently but he made a few mistakes which I helped him correct.
  • Greek
  • Handwriting
  • Latin -- vocabulary drill, and reciting declensions.
  • Discovery of New Worlds --we finished the story of Nero and the Fire of Rome, and discussed it (making connections to other stories we read, and talking about Christian vs Roman views of suicide).
  • Looked up VIKINGS in the encyclopedia (research skills) -- rather than reading it, I used the section to review and discuss with him.
  • Living My Religion #6 -- he is starting this today; I want to see if it will round things out for him better than Faith and Life (though I love Faith and Life for the artwork and succintness of the material, the kids tend to have trouble "unpacking" it.
  • Kieron is reading Mary Poppins for free reading, and several OZ books.

Dental Appointment for Sean this afternoon, and football practice this evening. He is very sore from the game so is going to see the chiro again. He does feel a bit better about the game, though, after talking to the coaches yesterday, and particularly after talking to the JV coach who is interested in him as quarterback.

Hooray again -- no cavities! just a baby tooth that needs to be removed since it's keeping the adult one from coming in properly. When I get the good results from the dentist visits I always wonder why I procrastinate and agonize so much about dental visits. I think probably I just hate interventions in general after all that's gone on with Aidan.

Tomorrow Sean has to go see the doctor again to see if we can get to the root of what's going on with these recurrent hematomas..... his uncle, the chiro, was muttering about vascular problems.... hopefully not some ongoing issue that will affect his future, but of course, Fiat Voluntas Tua.

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  1. Looks like a terrific learning day all around. I hope you get reassuring news from the doc.